Safe & Secure Online Dating Spaces for the LGBTQIA+

People and governments worldwide are gradually accepting same-sex relationships. The LGBTQIA+ community now relies heavily on online spaces to find dating partners.

However, the community has been vulnerable to harassment, fetishization, verbal abuse, cyberbullying, blackmail, forced intercourse, and issues like outing. Among other hate crimes is ‘unicorn hunting’ where straight couples look for a bisexual partner to engage in group sex. Thus, many bisexual people are sexualised, misled, coerced into awkward interactions, and objectified by others pretending to be singles online.

Furthermore, users can have little faith in their online data due to data breaches and ambiguous terms and privacy policies that sell their data to third parties. Such crimes and infractions are common because the perpetrators know that the victims won't file any legal complaints out of concern that they may be ousted.

Pride+ offers safe and secure dating spaces for the LGBTQIA+ to connect and interact without the fear of privacy violations or abuse.

PRIDE+ is world's first super app for the LGBTQIA+ : conscious, exclusive and sustainable.

PRIDE+ App is launching soon. Subscribe for early access:

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