Pride+ Offers Support & Guidance for Coming Out

LGBTQ individuals are more likely to experience sadness and anxiety than other mental health disorders. According to research by the National Alliance of Mental Illness, between 30% and 60% of LGBTQIA+ will go through periods of anxiety or despair.

It follows that the issue of mental health for the LGBTQ population must be addressed, especially when they want to come out.

Fear of Disapproval

LGBTQIA+ individuals experience anxiety because they fear being rejected. Many experience overt discrimination, harassment, and subliminal suggestions that they won't be accepted if they came out. High levels of chronic stress (a.k.a. minority stress) can be brought on by these kinds of experiences.

Fear of losing support systems

Additionally, they worry about losing their friends and family support. They believe they might experience discrimination at institutions and workplaces too. LGBTQ persons have to deal with stigma in many different ways, including labelling, stereotyping, being denied opportunities, and verbal, psychological, and physical abuse.

Threat to Safety

They also experience existential anxiety because it could endanger their safety and make them targets of societal animosity. Trauma can frequently result from homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, bullying, and harassment.

Pride+ offers safe and secure online spaces for the LGBTQIA+ to connect and interact without the fear of privacy violations or abuse. It also offers support and guidance for LGBTQIA+ to ‘come out’ safely to society.

PRIDE+ is the world's first super app for the LGBTQIA+ : conscious, exclusive and sustainable.

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