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Pride+ Offers Free course and skill training for LGBTQIA+

Schools are the main venues for educating, connecting, and offering services to young people outside the home. Schools can be challenging for students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Still, they are frequently particularly unwelcoming for young LGBTQIA+ people. These LGBTQIA+ students continue to experience bullying, exclusion, and discrimination worldwide due to a lack of affirming policies and practices and a failure to implement existing protections. This issue puts them at risk for physical and mental health and limits their learning ability.

Pride+ App understands that many LGBTQIA+ lack the proper education and skills needed to find employment of their choice. So, the app provides free upskilling & training programmes to LGBTQIA+ to find jobs that match their potential.

PRIDE+ is the world's first super app for the LGBTQIA+ : conscious, exclusive and sustainable.

PRIDE+ App is launching soon. Subscribe for early access:

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