Gender- and Body-inclusive Clothing

There aren't many clothing companies worldwide that support gender and body diversity and offer options for customers who identify as transgender or gender-fluid.

Therefore, the choices for intimate clothing and lingeries for LGBTQIA+ become limited. In addition, options celebrating the convergence of plus-size, gender nonconforming and trans people's identities are scarce. Even in fashion shows, when the representation of all identities is essential, very few trans and LGBTQIA+ people are featured.

However, suppose we stop supporting businesses that reject diversity and start supporting those that recognise people with plus-size, trans, and gender-fluid bodies. In that case, we will help change-makers in the fashion industry move closer to the fully inclusive reality we desire.

Pride+ has you covered for underwear and drag attire you can feel good about purchasing, giving, and wearing. In addition, the app's e-commerce offers gender-affirming clothing and underwear for those with a wide range of gender and sexual identities.

PRIDE+ is world's first super app for the LGBTQIA+ : conscious, exclusive and sustainable.

PRIDE+ App is launching soon. Subscribe for early access:

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