Financial Constraints faced by the LGBTQIA+

LGBTQIA+ Millennials and Gen Z carry student loan debts after graduating from college, and this burden prevents them from making long-term commitments or investments.

The lack of Family support systems for the LGBTQIA+ (especially the ones who have either been ousted or the ones who have come out) forces them to fend for themselves right from early adulthood.

Pay and wealth gaps affect marginalized communities in several countries. The LGBTQIA+ face discrimination at the workplace, be it getting hired or paid equally like their peers in many countries. This affects their career and, in turn, financial advancement and security in the consequent years.

In Pride+, members of the LGBTQIA+ can apply to job listings through the Job portal and also post job vacancies. The members get hired because of their potential and achieve financial security.

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