Facing Gender Identity Crisis?

A quick walkthrough on what to do.

Do not go to anyone who fights with you, demeans you, says they will listen but in reality offers aggression, calls it a 'phase', questions society set norms or the years you've spent, or if you're affected by some band or fiction content or looking for fun or were sucked into an agenda, or calls it a propaganda etc.

Secure your mental peace first.

Collect yourself. Become self-caring.

Stop seeking external validation for now.

First, be one with yourself.

Clear your thoughts.

Don't jump to conclusions. (Also, try not to go to over eager public figures as they might just give you only PRO advice). Start neutral.

Get your confidence back up first.

Your mind and physical body in balance.

Next step is Therapy, counselling or mentoring.

Only by a licensed professional.

Someone who understands.

Then approach your loved ones.

Open up.

Gather your inner circle's support.

And then go to the people who threw non-sense at you and express yourself, and if you don't want to, don't.

This is where you decide whether you truly need external validation or acceptance without bias..

But most important is your happiness, peace, life, family, health. Focus on that. Keep negative people out.

It's ok. And it's going to be alright. Just keep faith and focus on yourself.

Be you. Proudly.

P.S. Do NOT take online gender identity tests! Seriously, civilisations evolve constantly, tests are based off of models. models do not evolve or are fluid.

A small PSA issued in the public interest by PRIDE+

This is just a tiny sneak peek into a vast world of PRIDE+'s crisis resources and constructive inclusive healthy support system. We have more resources and people to help you.

Take care

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With love. Stay safe. God bless.

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