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Bisexual Awareness Week

Bisexuality is the attraction or sexual behaviour towards more than one sex or gender. The Bi+ umbrella includes terminologies, attractions, identities and more. Some denominations belonging to the umbrella those are fluid, queer, bi-curious, pansexual, panromantic, no-label and more.

The Bisexual Awareness Week (a.k.a. #BiWeek), held between September 16th and 23rd every year, as a prelude and extension to the Bi-visibility day, celebrated on September 23rd annually.

The purpose of Bisexual Awareness Week is to recognize historical bisexual and LGBTQ advocacy and the struggles faced by the bisexual+ community while also praising its resilience. Moreover, #BiWeek seeks to establish a platform to advocate bisexual rights while promoting cultural acceptance of the bi+ community.

GLAAD and BiNet USA co-founded Bisexual Awareness Week to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges encountered by the bisexual community and to offer guidelines for societal integration.

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