Pride+ App is the World’s First LGBTQIA+ Super App

A safe space where the LGBTQIA+ community is heard, celebrated, and has access to important services and resources without any discrimination. Pride+ App is a super app for all things LGBTQIA+. An ecosystem that's non-discriminate, impartial, and equal. A Multi-Service Social Media Platform for LGBTQIA+

Pride+ offers;

A safe space to connect with other members of the Community!

Create Trings that show your creativity and let you discover other creations!

Create Community groups and post Topics and Conversations!

Create or Explore MarketPlace. Find the item you desire. Or list an Item others would want!

Find Jobs posted by others or Create your own Job Listing!

ChatRooms and Lobbies to Chat with a friend or a Group of friends!

Guided and Self Meditation for your peace of mind!

Other Services and Resources Coming Very Soon to Pride+ App

Educational Courses and Career Counselling

Therapy and Counselling for Individuals and Couples

True Gender-Fluid Intimate Wear and Accessories

A-la-carte Plans and a One-for-all Discounted Plan

Introducing "Pride+ Enterprise"

Pride+ App is not only a B2C Platform but also a B2B Service

It offers long-term partnerships, tailored solutions, customized services to companies; collaborations with media, content, governmental, educational, for-profit and non-profit institutions, industry expertise, advertising, promotional and sponsorship solutions.

Pride+ App - "Join The Community. Join The Revolution."

Download Pride+ App. Available on iOS, Android, and Apple Vision Pro.

download pride+ app
download pride+ app
download pride+ app
download pride+ app
download pride+ app
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